My Little Pony The Movie Review

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My Little Pony The Movie

Whoever said anything, but the original My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - one of the most charming and at the same time smart animated series of our days. He does not have age qualifications or gender - just like, for example, juegos My Little Pony always touched upon important problems, both relevant for children and adults alike.

Full-length version, on the contrary, puts an end to all the merits of the original, offering the viewer the most ordinary story - to match the audience exclusively from 0 to 6 years.

The plot of the film is banal: on the eve of the annual Friendship Festival in Canterlot, unexpectedly appear the henchmen of King Storm - a monster who wants to capture and enslave the whole of Equestria (the country where the main events of MLP occur). However, the six main ponies, as well as the mini-dragon Spike, manage to escape from the hands of the villain, after which they decide to find allies and try to save the remaining residents of the capital.

My Little Pony

I admit, I'm Brony. I watched the 157 episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and never regretted it. Each episode is a 20-minute instructive parable on a wide variety of topics: from friendship and respect, up to racism and bullying. And do not pay attention to the bright drawing and small ponies. All this - only a soft shell, behind which are hidden classical moral lessons, useful for spectators of all ages.

Considering "My Little Pony The Movie" from the point of view of "enjoying the movie to a child or not" is pointless, because children will in any case be delighted, if only by simply moving cartoon characters. The full-length version was to become a phenomenon for a more adult audience - MLP had to show the world of ponies as something unique, universal, and also destroy the myth of its "girlish" component. And to explain how colored horses can impress even 30-year-old bearded peasants (which they, however, have long done).

In fact, "My Little Pony The Movie" plays with the slogan of the original series: "Friendship is magic", emphasizing the relationship of the ponies with representatives of other races. On their way, seven characters will meet woolen monsters, hippogryphs, "water" ponies and even pirates - surely such a rich variety can bore someone? As it turned out, maybe - and it's all about the bruising of events happening on the screen.



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