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Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 1:15pm : General

Many adults like point-and-click games, but not many parents understand that they miss the chance to develop their child with such friv games. What is the mainstay of games, where should I search for hidden object? Firstly, it's a colorful design and beautifully disguised things that are not so easy to find. Lovers of the presented genre believe: the better the object is disguised and the more time it takes to search, the better! Than such friv games can be useful? The development of attention is fine, when a child can easily catch the essence of conversation and not be distracted when he easily perceives information and simply takes a lot of small things into account! One more thing is logical thinking, which is very important. Search for items in a variety of places, get bonuses for passing. Even if your child does not get something, he can always use a hint. Although we know that coming to victory on your own, you get more pleasure!

Princess Juliet Mistery Gift Game:

Very soon in the castle of Princess Juliet there will be a big and magnificent holiday. All subjects are preparing for him and want to give the princess his special gift. In advance, a special room was prepared, where everyone was invited to bring gifts. But someone took these boxes and hid in a hiding place. Upon learning of this, the princess decided to find her gifts and immediately unpack them. And here it's your turn to help Juliet. You have to bypass the largest rooms of the castle in search of hidden. Find all the gifts hidden in each of them, and the princess will be grateful to you and very happy. Hurry up and be careful, because you have limited time. Use the mouse to search for hidden gifts.



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