Superheroes, Which Would be Good Games

Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 1:51pm : Gaming

Over the past decade, interest in comic book characters has risen to unprecedented heights. This is the cinematic universe of Marvel, the DC animation universe, serials and so on. It seems that on the wave of such popularity, the game industry should scribble games as from a machine gun, but by and large we see projects only about Spider-Man, Batman and the X-Men.

Most popular characters remains behind on Piti Juegos for various unknown reasons. I believe that one of them is the difficulty of creating good gameplay because of the very serious abilities of superheroes. That's if you take the popular Superman. He, in fact, only one weakness - kryptonite. It's hard, probably, to roll out something worthwhile, when the character a priori can bend all in a row without much effort.

So what kind of superheroes would be interesting games? Let's fantasize, whatever the gameplay they have.

I really like the series about Green Arrow, and I sincerely believe that the game about it could turn out interesting. And that's why.

  • First, a unique style of combat. Despite the fact that Oliver owns a wide variety of martial arts, he has clung to and developed his own direction, using his bow and arrows. In about the same way as Spider-Man uses acrobatics and cobwebs, and Captain America - its shield.
  • Secondly, games about archers do not go out that often. Here you need clarification, it's about archers, not just added weapons. From memory, I can say, perhaps, only about a series of games Thief. Well, maybe a little Crysis 3, in which these weapons are put on the foreground.
  • Third, the unrealistic accuracy of Oliver can be interesting to fit into the gameplay. For example, in the style of the bullet-inning, as in some Stranglehold. Add there cool stuff, like a multi-shot, jumping, like in Shadow of War, different arrows to the heap, and already looks juicy, right?
  • Fourth, the comics of the Green Arrow series had good story arches and interesting twists. What is, for example, Shado, who raped Oliver to conceive a child? Or shot Prometheus in the forehead, when he destroyed Star City, and the entire Justice League let him go? If you want script writers, the story can turn out to be adult and gloomy.

If we talk about how the game can look, I immediately get a first-person view, an open world with parkour, like, for example, in Mirror's Edge. Screw the hand-to-hand combat system there, maybe a little stealth ...



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