Minecraft Shaders

Fri 15th May 2020 - 3:16am : Gaming

Shaders, how much is in this word, is naturally good, because they help to improve the graphics of Minecraft, which in the standard version is a little annoying. But there is one problem, not many people play, they use Minecraft 1.15.2 Shaders and there are two main reasons for this: the first is that the player has a weak computer that ate pulls the game, and the load from the improved graphics made it even worse. The second one is that the user has not heard of such a phenomenon at all, and if you are one of them, we recommend that you at least try it, in high probability you will like it!

But what exactly do shaders in Minecraft change? Well, everything is simple - normal shadows appear in the game, which fully correspond to the change in the position of the sun. Of course, the water becomes more realistic, waves and reflections appear. The appearance of the blocks will also get better, they will even get wet and reflect in some cases even without mods - it's just cool! The sun's rays have become much closer to reality. All the grass and foliage in the game now moves and moves, it looks just amazing. This is all multiple and very difficult to describe, it is better to see it for yourself!



Friv Kizi