There are many different games and entertainments that are not just for fun, but also for developing intellectual abilities such as ingenuity, concentration and patience. They learn to solve complex problems and make the right choice, on which the success of the whole mission or someone's life can depend. Intellectual games are designed for children of different ages and differ from the usual puzzles with an exciting and colorful history, as well as the presence of favorite heroes. After all, everyone gets into a situation that will require him not with strength and agility, but with simple wit. In the intellectual games you will meet with a funny car from the game Wheely, high-speed Snail Bob, brave Dora, SpongeBob and his reckless friend Patrick, funny Angry Birds and harmful Bad Piggies, as well as emoticons, Peppa Pig, Crocodile Swopie, My Little Pony, Phoenix, Phineas and Ferb and many other characters. Each of them will offer you to solve a complex intellectual task, which can be the assembly of puzzles and spots, the solution of crosswords, mahjong and tic-tac-toe games, as well as other puzzle games. But in most cases you will have to find a way out of the labyrinths, launching complex mechanisms that will allow the heroes to move on.